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Nashville Software School

We are graduates of the six-month Full-Stack Development program at Nashville Software School. It is an intensive, hands-on, project-driven learning environment, and an all-around incredible experience. From the website:

"This bootcamp is the ultimate challenge on the road to a new career as a programmer. It’s intense—as in five days per week, hands-on, writing lots of code. There are regular individual and group projects, and the daily introduction of new material and best practices. It’s a fast-moving and rigorous journey where you will learn a lot about programming and, coincidentally, about yourself.

The Web Developer Bootcamp is an intellectually stimulating, horizon broadening, energizing, and fun experience. Students emerge with the skills necessary to build ideas from concept to production. By the end of the program, you will find yourself prepared for an entry-level software developer position."

There are many other programs happening at NSS, both day and night. The courses are continually evolving to meet the needs of the Nashville tech community. You should check out the website. Seriously, Nashville Software School is the best!

About Cohort 20

All the members of Cohort 20 have come from different backgrounds, but we've undertaken together this pivot into the world of software development. We are each taking our different experiences, learning styles, and problem-solving approaches to do something entirely new to all of us. We have quickly learned that enthusiam, hard work and insatiable curiosity are essential in our journey.

This is a journey which started fast and rarely let up. We have learned the essentials of the front-end, using HTML, CSS, and Javascript to control the structural, presentational, and interactive aspects of the web platform in the browser. We have picked up many tools and libraries along the way to aid in managing increasingly complex challenges and solutions. The value of working in cohesive teams was always emphasized, but became absolutely essential as we progressed. As we moved into the backend with Node.js, we learned to grapple with Javascript in even greater depth. The projects became ever more complex and expansive, and we have learned the value of effective project management.

By now, we've all gained both hard-won skills and a desire to keep learning. Our cohort members have developed friendships and connections with each other and with the Nashville tech community. Going forward, our paths diverge as we each pursue the next step in our own career and life journey.

Thank you!

Thanks to the staff of the Nashville Software School, the Nashville development community, and especially to our teaching team: Steven Holmes, Jufe Brown-Tsai, Greg Korte and Joe Shepherd.

All photography on the site is by Inge Hooker. Thank you for making us look great, Inge!